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Sailing, I am

Sailing, I am… – Promote Yourself

That's all about: A Cap Jib: in the brisk," Avoir le vent-en-poupe", 
in French
_a jib set on a stay to a bowsprit cap, astern._Dictionaries
I am thirsty for words
 At the sole thought of writing I cuiver
 When I  dip my quill in the inkwell, I chiver
 Off the safe harbor I leave
 For when I put pen to paper,
 It's like riding a wave
 Standing on a deck onboard holding a sail,
 Facing the grand large, saddling the wind
 All the frigates, all the boats, all the yachts
 The goelands, and the seagulls, in my thoughts.
 The Islands, and the seven seas, the seashore
 The gulf I need to drop my anchor
 All the words I need to write,
 Under the sheltering skies
 They parade on a blank page, for your eyes only.
 When I write, it's what I see, I'm lonely
 The ocean is my deck in the open,
 Sailing I am, writing is my way
 With words painting them often
So, Sailing I am, off the safe harbor 
Have you ever felt the brisk on you face,
the sun burning your skin,
the specks of sea-salt in your hair.
And its taste on your cracked lips; 
Off the Grand Large,
the offing is bleeding,
It's  saying it low 
can't you hear it?
_I'm calling you.
At a distance, a boat,
Had blown her toot.
Sailing is in the air
The ocean crushing at your feet,
standing still on the seashore 
His ebb and flow,
Has skimmed his batter
in begging you.
can't you see it!
What's the matter with you?
what are you waiting for_
If chance was given to me, to love again
I would love have been a skipper,
Better than that, I want no more
From sailing away I won't refrain
I thrill at thought of sailing again

“So throw off the bowlines, and Sail away from the safe harbor.” _Mark Twain

Thank you


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  1. I enjoyed reading the quote very much, and understanding what it meant to you and why you liked it.



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