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Chimera, Thalia, Erato, my muses

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“Out and beyond ideas of wrong and right doing,there is aplce. I’ll meet you there.” _Muwlana Rumi

While I write 


_A thing that is hoped or wished for but in fact is illusory or impossible to achieve.

“She’s not “maternal,” she’s dangerous.”

                       —Jamaal May



“I have no charms. Admittedly.
No gold comb can move through
This mane. My skin is not translucent.
Mine is a tail to fear. I know.
And though a mother may destroy,
She too sees fit to create beauty
That would eventually grow into forms
I would swallow if I gave in
To my hungers. But, up from my wounds—
From this goat’s body—
Up from my wood-smoke lungs, from
The milk of me, comes a song, a melody
To open yours, then lick them clean.”

My Muse, She said I said

My nights are more beautiful then yours_
she said

Then fallen asleep in Morphée’s arms

I hate you Morphée, I said_

you have no charms
you steal my beauty from me,

of her dreams a trophy you made

how sweet sorrow and dolor I dreed

I wish I could have been with her

in her mind and in her dream instead

We have all the Eternity to sleep

Then we will rest as time elaps

Now that I am left with my muses

while my beauty gently sleeps

looking at her as hours leaps

Calliope, my dear

my muses I south you 

Thalia, you laughing behind your mask

I know life is a comedy

you used to play people from dawn to dusk

and my sadness amuses

Mélomane, I don’t want a tragedy

for a wish from a witch is not that I ask

Alas am I the prince Valiant

a toad in disguise 

Venus the evening star so brillant

or Diane the lone hunteress

you witness my distress

Clio, Erato, please help me write

these fleeting memories until twilight

Another day another dream, for tomorrow

Will be to live in pain until the night

A kiss, a wish, with such delight

my beauty, a tale to write


Often I am permitted…

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Often I Am Permitted to Return to a Meadow

as if it were a scene made-up by the mind,
that is not mine, but is a made place,

that is mine, it is so near to the heart,
an eternal pasture folded in all thought
so that there is a hall therein

that is a made place, created by light
wherefrom the shadows that are forms fall.

Wherefrom fall all architectures I am
I say are likenesses of the First Beloved
whose flowers are flames lit to the Lady.

She it is Queen Under The Hill
whose hosts are a disturbance of words within words
that is a field folded.

It  only a dream of the grass blowing
east against the source of the sun
in an hour before the sun’s going down

whose secret we see in a children’s game
of ring a round of roses told.

Often I am permitted to return to a meadow
as if it were a given property of the mind
that certain bounds hold against chaos,

that is a place of first permission,
everlasting omen of what is.

Often I am permitted to return to a small town 

as if it were a scene made-up by the mind,
 that is not mine, but is a made place,

that is mine, it is so near to the heart,
 an eternal pasture folded in all thought
 so that there is a hall therein...

How much I only love

those verses would have been mine

That I could have written them

it is so near to the heart of mine

an eternal pasture folded in all thought but I kept

so that there was a hill and val

there’s between a fold I was told

But no more I am permitted to return to a Meadow

that is not mine but a  place of that exists no more

so that I sat on a stone near a river and wept

Of all that  a place and a bird that nestled it’s home

where I was born is a small town but none of which

it is only a dream of the grass blown

and a river running through it

All I needed was a blog

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As I begin a novel I remind myself as ever of Camus’s admonition that the purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself. And even while thinking, well, fat chance! I find courage, reach for the heights, and if the rock keeps rolling down again so it does. What the hell, start again. Rewrite. Be of good cheer. Smile on, Sisyphus! _Faye Weldon, Writer

When I opened my Blog this morning, what a surprise! look a this award below:

6 Year Anniversary Achievement
Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 6 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.
Isn’t refreshing?
So, thank you WordPress team fist, for hosting my blog gracefully for the longest and for all your support during this wonderful journey of writing. And  thank you dear reader, the loyal, and the passer-by as well for stopping by.
I smiled at the sole quote above from the writer Faye Weldon that came well àpropos in an email to me, as well, for from WPress team.
 I had no fat chance, ever 6 years ago. i just started a blog, with a vain idea.
It happened that I wrote sometimes a couple of months ago a post, blogging about the writer Albert Camus”s admonition that purpose the writer to keep civilization from lost of its memories, remember the time back to Neolithic era, when writing was not yet created, only left with some carved painting on stones and caves (The Grote of Lascaux) and the punishment of Sisyphus by the Gods of Olympus, the rolling rock, and the encouraging  the team to me, to keep on writing.
At the beginning, it was a chimeric idea that came from a Daily prompt: Imagine an a special holiday, and it was the first day of spring, and as I just came back from Algiers, Algeria, I had in my mind a thought about the goldfinch_it’s a national pet out there, don’t be surprised. The thing is, it became an endangered species, and although it is protected, thanks to the environmental authorities, it is still targeted and captured by aficionados and smugglers.
So, I just hold on that thought, and  post my first blog in gibberish languages some sort, in the hope to grab the attention of a passer-by reader hopefully from Algiers.
Recently, I saw on YouTube that young people out there started by launching individually a campaign to free the caged  bird, I felt that somehow, and somewhere I wasn’t so vain.
That we come to think about a main subject, at the same time, in any part of the world, of common issues. Sisyphus, is still calling, although from a vale that had no echo. we just keep blogging,  right? write…

Sailing Off the safe Harbor

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Public domain


That’s all about: A Cap Jib: in the brisk,” Avoir le vent-en-poupe”,
in French
_a jib set on a stay to a bowsprit cap, astern._Dictionaries

I am thirsty for words
At the sole thought of writing I cuiver
When I put my pen to paper, I chiver
Off the safe harbor I leave
For when I put pen to paper,
It’s like riding a wave
Standing on a deck onboard holding a sail,
Facing the offing It’s not so facile

saddling the wind
All the frigates, all the boats,
And all the yachts

The goelands, and the seagulls, in my thoughts.
The Islands, and the seven seas,

the seashore
The gulf I need to drop my anchor
All the words I need to write,
Under the sheltering skies
The parade of the stars over my head
When I write, it’s when I’m lonely
The ocean is my deck in the open,
Sailing I am, writing is my way
With words painting them often
So, Sailing I am, off the safe harbor

Have you ever felt the brisk on you face,
the sun burning your skin,
the specks of sea-salt in your hair.
And its taste on your cracked lips;
Off the Grand Large,
the offing is bleeding,
It’s saying it low
can’t you hear it?
I’m calling you.
At a distance, a boat,
Had blown her toot.
Sailing is in the air
The ocean crushing at your feet,
standing still on the seashore
His ebb and flow,
Has skimmed his batter
in begging you.
can’t you see it!
What’s the matter with you?
what are you waiting for anyway 

If a chance was given to me, I’ll  sail away
How much I loved I have been a skipper,
You may say that I am a dreamer
Better than that, I want no more
From sailing away I won’t refrain
I thrill at thought of sailing again
I am not the only one 

“So throw off the bowlines, and Sail away from the safe harbor.” _Mark Twain

Thank you

Re:Dancing at the edge of the hearth

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Dancing at the edge of time

What a wonderful journey, and photos

I was transported at the edge of delight, after I had read the blog,  I was glad, and happy,  like Ulysses, he had done a long voyage, he visited towns cities, far mountains, and villages.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and right doing, there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.
― Rumi
Until after I have read the fist paragraph, then I had that feelings, something that, when you feel like, they didn’t understand your message, your audiences, after having finished your presentation, or your stand-alone show although they applauded,warm and standing, you stay still, on your hunger, and crave for more.

So, Out and beyond of wrongdoing, and right doing, of bias, and stereotypes, preconceived ideas, thanks to mass media corollary,  love it’s only the truth

I am moved to tears by the love. 
I am also moved to tears that women are not included
– there are no female dervishes.
Like most religions, even the mystical branches of them, 
it is by men for men. 
The exclusion makes me both sad and angry.

It’s Just a small contribution to the text, to explain some meanings of the very word Sema; it means elevation, spiritual transcendence, to elevate oneself, and meaning also, sky ceiling, roof, and summit, to reach for, to climb, it’s both a quest for the purifying of the body and soul, like yoga, and Zen, and climbing a cliff,and running for a cause. It’s a spiritual dance with a perpetual whirling movement to the transient edge of ecstasy.

I understand your anger about excluding woman from the pratique of dervish whirling, the ritual is some sort of prayer and meditation, peculiar to sect of Sufism, at the same time, part of the Sufi way routine to occupy his mind, besides writing poetry and essays, like Rumi, and Omar Khiyam

Secondo, woman has a great deal of respect from Moslem man, she is the mother, the sister, the daughter and the wife, besides that the Quran allows him, to have 4 wife, that is, to be understood, a way back to the early stage of Islam, it’s with some strict rules, and rights, and consent of the wife, to marry another woman. So, in that he is very jealous, and protective of the intimacy of his people. She is like, the family jewels, to be kept of reach from the eyes and hands of a stranger. Not an object of convoitise as a curio exposition for public auction.


So, imagine, out of all, these beautiful  women, and as respectable persons as they are, as dervishes women whirling among men in the same farandole, with respect to their husbands, each one of them accompanied with, it would be a rather a folkloric dance, than a meditative quest for a transcendent spiritual attainment to the edge of oneness with the beloved one, with love and pure mind, and soul.

Finally, would you be angry about a congregation of Tibetan monks, somewhere in Shambalah, in their saffron robes, _women excluded, reciting their sutras? There is couvent for nuns, and monastery for monks, that’s all.

My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.
― Rumi

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.
– Rumi

Have great day, enjoy your trip, and happy reading

A source please, I thirst for writing

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The Myth of Sisyphus, and me

I write from memory most of the time. So, because only now and then, that as memory speaks, when the source is withered, the rivulet is tarried, we realize that is, in reality; we gather our thoughts, to scoop a handful of water from the brackish pond  along the bedrock of the river, as I stood there for a moment. To a wisp that gathered and resumed itself to continue its route, to that singular instant of our life, so, I  got Hiraeth, it’s a feeling what you call it, a rush, I felt the Blues, the last time I went there.
The landscape of the country side had changed dramatically since then. Ago  there was a stretch of land, bosky woods, gardens, and meads, that run along the range. The scenery became  a parched bedrocks   where ago It was rivulets, the rushing waters from the spring , and shady and leafy trails, I found it had been compound   in to a magma of concrete, pods and Iron rods pointing to the sky, and dusty roads strewn with potholes that continue anywhere the asphalt had stopped without, which  lead to a labyrinth of unfinished walls, higher enough to cast shadows on other walls, that the sun could never throw it ray beam  again across the streets, and terraces, and to closed doors behind furtive shadows with oblic regard. Instead of what I had expected to find: where  are they? Those fig-trees, pomegranates, ( for instance, the small town bore its name from the proliferating trees, and fruit), vineyards and orchards, with syrupy figs, and grapes on the vines, dangling at reach of hands, and awaiting harvest,  gazebos, and wisterias  casting on the limestone wall of the houses painted in white, with the terra cotta tiled roofs, the  frutescent fragrant bushes, of lavenders, and daisies, skirted on each side of  a vicinal road,  that lead you to the blue  entry door to the house.


I used to wander,  a flaneur , through the laced roads that leads you hill and dale, to villages with evocative names of old Franch colonies. On each side  of the road, rows of pine trees, eucalyptus trees , and tall reed  along the rivulets that hide behind, oranges tree fields, orchards, and vineyards, so it was like rolling on a runner with perspectives that faded off to vanishing point straight ahead, to infinite View blue sky, until you reach suddenly a fork of roads, with similar rows of trees, at each sides, until it bifurcated to a small village entrance, and into its public place, where in these times of yore, dancing balls and parties where thrown each Sundays, and sweet Thursdays. Sometimes, it you take the seashore bus, it continued its way going downhill to clear up to a wide  view with sea beaches on the side, and vineyards that went grappling to the hilltops.

All that  had disappeared or in instance of escaping completely from the landscape. That what left me Sodade

Why I write? The rage at heart,  It was by accident that I came across a book from the author Albert Camus, The Myth of Sissyphus in English, at the Library, the last time I had returned some borrowed books. It’s not that, by being nostalgic upbringing the past, while I had read only The Stranger, and The Plague, it was an assignment then. And it was the near past, in the mid-60s, not that long after the accident the author died in. Therefore I had never read it before, save the passage, The Myth of Sisyphus ; it was Ok, and in the Air-du-temps, to talk about it, to have an apperception about it, to demonstrate  that you have an interesting intellectual style  and to bring the subject in a mondain conversation, the existentialism era was still in it the best of it times. Algiers was the Mecca for all the revolutionary adepts of the motto changing the world. So, the world never change since then, and all the adepts passed their way, and faded from memory. So it was by curiosity now, that I reread  it after that half a century or so had passed , to see as everywhere in the world is the same, that had endured the effects of time, wich is the natural progression and processing moment of erosion and rebuild, life and birth of all living beings and usage of things.

So, after having read the book, apart from the philosophical passages, the  most beautiful thing I have read is, Return to Tipasa, and Summer in Algiers, were it was, like anchors dropped to the port d’attache, to tie the bowlines with the seashore to be moored, for having to live again, moments by moments, and words for words, à-mesure  of the turning pages, it’s a delicate balance between the instants in wich the author discribs the scenes of where he evolved, and the pleasure to rediscover the place you already know  surely  what you have left  was the first and the same  sensations as the author had, body and soul, the changing of colors during the day, the light and the darkening of the tan of bodies the juxtaposition of one’s own experience with the shared the moments of delight and sadness and solitary confinement for a writer and to prove solidarity with him in that singular and personal attachment to both motherland.

“It took me years to take my place among the ten thousand things again. To be the woman my mother raised. To remember how she said honey and picture her particular gaze. I would suffer. I would suffer. I would want things to be different than they were. The wanting was a wilderness and I had to find my way out of the woods. It took me four years, seven months, and three days to do it. I didn’t know where I was going until I got there.

It was a place called the Bridge of the Gods.”

What I’m Digging Right Now

The place of mine, it is called Oued-Rouman

That’s why I write. Writing is my drink, and the glass is emptied now, so it’s time to fill it up to the rim, time and again

And, yes  it is like Sisyphus, condemned by the gods of Olympia, to roll the rock to the top of the mountain, then let it roll back to the feet of hill, and push it again and again, to the top and watch it rolls down hill, then to go after back and forth, without state of mind, in resilience, to not offend the gods again

Green, grass of home

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Mars is so close to Earth

Source: Live From Mars
Longing for Gravity

It’s  weird when you  look at it, I mean not the planet Mars, but  at the glorious past, and the golden eras of the Cosmos conquest, in the 60ies. Man endeavored to go farther  and beyond the nearest  space, since the launch  of Sputnik, the  first object to  the  extraterrestrial space, to contend, and strive in rivality between nations for first place to get there, and put one’s own banner, and finally his dream is still in the  sky out there, after its has been  for the longest in the books_ From Earth to the Moon Jules Verne. It’s like entering The Hall of Fame, in baseball at the same epoch, when the kid scored a home run, the TV commentator said his famous quote “It’s still in the sky while it’s already in the books.” After turning around the bushes, indefinitely so to speak, for generations and numerous tentative approaches to concretely make Man dream comes true. Since the Greek mythology, Man had overcome  his fears and subdued the elements of  Dame Nature, he saddled the  wind, after  Moult imaginary schemes, from growing wings like, the dream  of Icarius to fly, to Leonardo Davinci wooden machine, the  boloon Montgolfiere borders, Bleriot, Lindbergh, and so many dramatic failures, and glorious success, than finally Man put  his feet  on the face of the Moon, Apollo like a dot on an I; a great  pace for  man and a small on for  Humanity. then suddenly, a blackout  era, with  its successive failures and drama, to became  fade, a banal business of repairs and maintenance, like going to fix the Flat-tires to the  gas station next door. The charm is broken,like  a withred reed that makes  a charming  Pan Flute, ago.

Getting to the point, it’s like putting a dot on an i, that is Mars is so close to The Earth,to see that it could be what Earth will be looking  like, if we continue our blind  reach for the stars, and forgetting behind to protect the  environment, and by the time, The  Blue  Planet, it’s sources of water, lakes, river and seas tarried  it’s green green grass of  home withred, because it’s  the only home for Man, elsewhere is already Arid and not suitable for  his living. With the  race between superpowers to control the  sources of fossil fuels, the overuse of populating industries , our culture  of society of over undulging consumers is modeling the globalization of economic systems, the immergening new rich nations with burgeoning prosperity besides the disparities between nations of different  systems of extreme poverty of populations around the world, that are results what are causing irreversibles patterns of the global  warming that leads to desertification, and droughts.

This is not a pleading for to save the  planet, or a compain for some green, but  the reasonable  thinking about  what we will  leave as a heritage, not for  descending heirs in the future generations, but just right now, for our kids. In the present tense.


Writing, that’s all I need

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It’s said, elsewhere that it doesn’t matter where you sat, and what time it is, essential  is to be ready for when inspiration strikes, you don’t miss out the train  of thought, at the  station where you are, ceise the thing and get the hell out of  it, and put  it down to  paper

on creating-the-physical-and-mental-space-to-write

Seven is enough of, for  a family members  living in a house  of 2 bedrooms, that you are always in quest of a quiet place where to read, write, and as the usual routine had absorbed your time at work, for  when you get  home, fed off  of computers you  want only to  just relax. As Mr.W. Somerset  Maugham’ quote said, to read you only need is  a secluded cocoon like, or just to shut down your ears, and cut yourself from the  world outside noises, and continue reading, like when you commute and usually do. Save that in your house, besides your  domestic duties, cook, do laundry, and errands, at the end of the  day, the only place of your  realm where  to gather yourself, thoughts, and pains parts is the little corner of the  shared sofa. It happens that I  have that little Eden,  with a imprenable  view of a safety-escape rusted iron stairway that stop right on a the asphalt of street.

It’s a nook where I have written   about all of my blogs and  posts, on my  iPad, and sometimes, my laptop, late in the  night when  the tribe  had joined the  pillows, I write for an hour  or  less –I told you  that already, It’s  mansion of  2 bedrooms, I did? Oh! Yeah, Sorry for  repeating  myself, so that’s it. At wee hours You  can see through the  curtain time flies, and season playing at seek and hide, for  your  eyes only, and a visit of whimsical bird stopping by the windowsill to read you blog? Peering atop your shoulder perhaps, than rises an eyebrow and flaps  his wings away. Good  morning  sunshine, it’s  Sunday morning, I got to sleep

Thanks for sharing reading

Teymoom, an ounce of home

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Teymoom, an ounce of home

Teymoom, an ounce of home

The tagline, by itself is evocative of souvenirs of ancient memories, and of lost horizons visited longtime ago, and nostalgia, a longing for a piece of home, sweet home.

Teymoom, as its name  resounds like Timimoun, an oasis situeted in the far south of the Sahara Algerian desert, and a thousand miles from Algiers; at the antipodes of each other’s, of  the cities of Tamenghast, Timbuktu, and Agades. Timimoun, a  longtime ago a halt for the caravans, en route for further stops before the reach of faraway horizons, Sudan, and down the south of Africa, the so-called continent by the  Orientalists explorers, in the last century.”

Or evocative of the Typhon, the terrible Rainstorm that is devastating the east of Asia at the monsoon, the season of abundant  rains and floods.

But Teymoom is an ordinary pebble, for  nugatory collection purpose, nor has any symbolic meaning; a vulgar stone that arises among myriad of others on the surface the soil, that Moslems people has picked it up for a personal use, in the Arabian desert,The Hijaz since the revelation  of the Quran. It was ordained as a substitute of the use of water for their ablutions, in case of absence of water, hence its name, to cleanse one’s face and hands. As water is as precious as a rare pearl in an ocean by its scarcity in the aride desert, and that is randomly precarious, for the survival of one’s life, to be found drinkable in ponds, far beyond the oases, but only brackish leftovers of last floods, in ponds of dry riverbeds, in these inhospitable zones, after the last fall of unmemorable rains.

For almost five centuries and a millenary, Moslem people during their travel they  carried a pebble in their pocket or burlap, swathed into a piece of cloth, in prevision  or absence of water for the ablutions before each prayer. The purpose of the use of anything else other than water, that rises on top of the surface of the earth, debris like dust or soil erosion, is to humble one’s self purified from the seven sins, like pride, and vanity, ment to cover one face with dust ashamed by the deeds totally cleansed, before to stand in prayer.

They carry with them the Teymoom stone, to each place they visit, as default to water, that they reserve solely  for drink, and they used it every time, to cleanse the face and hands, by rubbing your hands over a polished pebble, before each prayer, like other people carry their cross, when one stands  still, in a transient moment of evacuating the stress, and free in the relief  from  the burdens  of the day

The Art of Stillness

We collect objects of divers textures, as everyone does I presume, things encountered in our path in life, or trail, on a brief sojourn or a long voyage, to fix in our memories that exceptional and sensational instant which has marked our being and feelings for a moment, to be revived in a later recall of an once of home.

A True Saint

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Haruki Murakami on the Weirdness of His Birthday as a Public Event

The last item on this list of public events was an announcement of the names of famous people whose birthday fell on January 12. And there among them was my own! “Novelist Haruki Murakami today celebrates his **th birthday,” the announcer said. I was only half listening, but, even so, at the sound of my own name I almost knocked over the hot kettle. “Whoa!” I cried aloud and looked around the room in disbelief. “So,” it occurred to me a few minutes later with a pang, “my birthday is not just for me any more. Now they list it as a public event.”
A public event?
Oh well, public event or not, at least at that moment some of the people throughout Japan – it was a nationwide broadcast – standing (or sitting) by their radios may have had at least some fleeting thought of me. “So, today is Haruki Murakami’s birthday, eh?” Or, “Oh, wow, Haruki Murakami’s ** years old, now too!” Or, “Hey, whaddya know, even guys like Haruki Murakami have birthdays!” In reality, though, how many people in Japan could have been up at this ridiculous pre-dawn hour listening to the radio news? Twenty or thirty thousand? And how many of those would know my name? Two or three thousand? I had absolutely no idea._extract from

Haruki Mukarami,  A leaving Legacy

” One of the side effects of the saints is that they can make the rest of us feel crummy, or even annoyed “_in Good Prose, Kidder Tracy

Also,” The list was  clearly jocular. But I had the feeling he had said something important. I thought I got it…This view of drowned farmland…was a lens on the world…”–TR

I found such singular similarities in narrative  about Saints, in reading the essay of Mr. Haruki Mukarami, and the book” Mountains beyond mountains of Kidder Tracy.

“ln any case, he seemed to think I knew exactly what he meant, and I realized, with some irritation, that I didn’t dare say anything just then, for fear of disappointing him.” So, I am in this situation as he was, save that I’m one a reader of  Haruki Mukarami

The list that Mr. Haruki Murakami is of other register of different events related to each epoch and people, but its finality is in rapport to celebrating an anniversary or a birthday of a celebrity among others names born on the same day. ” On this day is born…”

I guess, what pleased him the most is to open a “Jack London ” bottle of wine in his honor and to say: ” cheers, Mr. Haruki, and happy birthday to you

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