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Re:Dancing at the edge of the hearth

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Dancing at the edge of time

What a wonderful journey, and photos

I was transported at the edge of delight, after I had read the blog,  I was glad, and happy,  like Ulysses, he had done a long voyage, he visited towns cities, far mountains, and villages.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and right doing, there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.
― Rumi
Until after I have read the fist paragraph, then I had that feelings, something that, when you feel like, they didn’t understand your message, your audiences, after having finished your presentation, or your stand-alone show although they applauded,warm and standing, you stay still, on your hunger, and crave for more.

So, Out and beyond of wrongdoing, and right doing, of bias, and stereotypes, preconceived ideas, thanks to mass media corollary,  love it’s only the truth

I am moved to tears by the love. 
I am also moved to tears that women are not included
– there are no female dervishes.
Like most religions, even the mystical branches of them, 
it is by men for men. 
The exclusion makes me both sad and angry.

It’s Just a small contribution to the text, to explain some meanings of the very word Sema; it means elevation, spiritual transcendence, to elevate oneself, and meaning also, sky ceiling, roof, and summit, to reach for, to climb, it’s both a quest for the purifying of the body and soul, like yoga, and Zen, and climbing a cliff,and running for a cause. It’s a spiritual dance with a perpetual whirling movement to the transient edge of ecstasy.

I understand your anger about excluding woman from the pratique of dervish whirling, the ritual is some sort of prayer and meditation, peculiar to sect of Sufism, at the same time, part of the Sufi way routine to occupy his mind, besides writing poetry and essays, like Rumi, and Omar Khiyam

Secondo, woman has a great deal of respect from Moslem man, she is the mother, the sister, the daughter and the wife, besides that the Quran allows him, to have 4 wife, that is, to be understood, a way back to the early stage of Islam, it’s with some strict rules, and rights, and consent of the wife, to marry another woman. So, in that he is very jealous, and protective of the intimacy of his people. She is like, the family jewels, to be kept of reach from the eyes and hands of a stranger. Not an object of convoitise as a curio exposition for public auction.


So, imagine, out of all, these beautiful  women, and as respectable persons as they are, as dervishes women whirling among men in the same farandole, with respect to their husbands, each one of them accompanied with, it would be a rather a folkloric dance, than a meditative quest for a transcendent spiritual attainment to the edge of oneness with the beloved one, with love and pure mind, and soul.

Finally, would you be angry about a congregation of Tibetan monks, somewhere in Shambalah, in their saffron robes, _women excluded, reciting their sutras? There is couvent for nuns, and monastery for monks, that’s all.

My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.
― Rumi

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.
– Rumi

Have great day, enjoy your trip, and happy reading


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