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Green, grass of home

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Mars is so close to Earth

Source: Live From Mars
Longing for Gravity

It’s  weird when you  look at it, I mean not the planet Mars, but  at the glorious past, and the golden eras of the Cosmos conquest, in the 60ies. Man endeavored to go farther  and beyond the nearest  space, since the launch  of Sputnik, the  first object to  the  extraterrestrial space, to contend, and strive in rivality between nations for first place to get there, and put one’s own banner, and finally his dream is still in the  sky out there, after its has been  for the longest in the books_ From Earth to the Moon Jules Verne. It’s like entering The Hall of Fame, in baseball at the same epoch, when the kid scored a home run, the TV commentator said his famous quote “It’s still in the sky while it’s already in the books.” After turning around the bushes, indefinitely so to speak, for generations and numerous tentative approaches to concretely make Man dream comes true. Since the Greek mythology, Man had overcome  his fears and subdued the elements of  Dame Nature, he saddled the  wind, after  Moult imaginary schemes, from growing wings like, the dream  of Icarius to fly, to Leonardo Davinci wooden machine, the  boloon Montgolfiere borders, Bleriot, Lindbergh, and so many dramatic failures, and glorious success, than finally Man put  his feet  on the face of the Moon, Apollo like a dot on an I; a great  pace for  man and a small on for  Humanity. then suddenly, a blackout  era, with  its successive failures and drama, to became  fade, a banal business of repairs and maintenance, like going to fix the Flat-tires to the  gas station next door. The charm is broken,like  a withred reed that makes  a charming  Pan Flute, ago.

Getting to the point, it’s like putting a dot on an i, that is Mars is so close to The Earth,to see that it could be what Earth will be looking  like, if we continue our blind  reach for the stars, and forgetting behind to protect the  environment, and by the time, The  Blue  Planet, it’s sources of water, lakes, river and seas tarried  it’s green green grass of  home withred, because it’s  the only home for Man, elsewhere is already Arid and not suitable for  his living. With the  race between superpowers to control the  sources of fossil fuels, the overuse of populating industries , our culture  of society of over undulging consumers is modeling the globalization of economic systems, the immergening new rich nations with burgeoning prosperity besides the disparities between nations of different  systems of extreme poverty of populations around the world, that are results what are causing irreversibles patterns of the global  warming that leads to desertification, and droughts.

This is not a pleading for to save the  planet, or a compain for some green, but  the reasonable  thinking about  what we will  leave as a heritage, not for  descending heirs in the future generations, but just right now, for our kids. In the present tense.



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