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Teymoom, an ounce of home

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Teymoom, an ounce of home

Teymoom, an ounce of home

The tagline, by itself is evocative of souvenirs of ancient memories, and of lost horizons visited longtime ago, and nostalgia, a longing for a piece of home, sweet home.

Teymoom, as its name  sounds like Timimoun, an oasis situeted in the far south of the Sahara Algerian desert, and a thousand miles from Algiers; at the antipodes of each other’s, of  the cities of Tamenghast, Timbuktu, and Agades. Timimoun, a  longtime ago a halt for the caravans, en route for further stops before the reach of faraway horizons, Sudan, and the Black Africa, the so-called continent by the  Orientalists explorers, in the last century.”

Or Typhon, the terrible Rainstorm that is devastating the east of Asia at monsoon , the season of abundant  rains and floods.

But Teymoom is an ordinary pebble, for  nugatory collection purpose, nor has any symbolic meaning; a vulgar stone that arises among myriad of others on the surface the soil, that Moslems people has picked it up for a personal use, in the Arabian desert,The Hijaz since the revelation  of the Quran. It was ordained as a substitute of the use of water for their ablutions, in case of absence of water, hence its name, to cleanse one’s face and hands. As water is as precious as it is precarious to be found drinkable, but only brackish leftovers of last floods in ponds in riverbeds in these inhospitable zones, lasting of unmemorable rains.

For almost five centuries and a millenary, Moslem during their travel carried a pebble in their pocket or burlap, swathed into a piece of cloth, in prevision  or absence of water for the ablutions before each prayer. The purpose of the use of anything else other than water, that rises on top of the surface of the earth, debris like dust or soil erosion, is to humble one’s self purified from the seven sins, like pride, and vanity, ment to cover one face with dust ashamed by the deeds totally cleansed,   before to stand in prayer.

We carry our Teymoom, in each place we visit, as default to water, that we reserve solely  for drinking, each time cleansed by the use of a polished pebble, before each prayer,  like other people carry their cross,  one standstill in a moment of stress – free in relief  from  the burdens  of the day

The Art of Stillness

We collect objects of divers textures, as everyone does I presume, things encountered in our path in life, or trail, on a brief sojourn or a long voyage, to fix in our memories that exceptional and sensational instant which has marked our being and feelings for a moment, to be revived in a later recall once home.


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